8,085 Bear NFTs on Arbitrum. With extra Drip.

Minting On Arbitrum!

YAY Bears is the first NFT collection launching on Arbitrum, inspired by the life and work of Kanye West. We are huge fans of Kanye, and we wanted to give ourselves and other fans a way to express our love of his music and eccentricity on the blockchain, especially as Donda has finally been released. Kanye is not affiliated with this project in any way.

We’ve taken care to avoid using any trademarks or copyrighted art. While some of our art resembles copyrighted artwork (this is due to the nature of the project’s inspiration), we strongly believe our designs fall under parody fair use. However, should copyright owners feel otherwise, this project will become an interesting experiment in decentralization. Our NFTs live on Arbitrum, and all artwork is hosted on IPFS. Fans and holders of YAY Bears are encouraged to host the artwork on their own IPFS nodes in order to ensure its availability.

YAY Bears are available for minting on this website. There is currently no NFT marketplace on Arbitrum, but we are building our own marketplace to account for this until OpenSea or another marketplace supports Arbitrum. YAY Bears also have a Twitter account and a Discord server. Follow us and join the server to become a part of the community!

The team will be minting 50 Bears for giveaways, marketing, and team members.

Once all YAY Bears have been minted, the team will be setting up a treasury with a portion of the funds to donate to charity. YAY Bear holders will get to vote on what charity those funds are donated to.

We have written a tutorial on how to mint YAY Bears on Arbitrum. You can check it out (here)

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